Terms , conditions & cookie policy

This terms of use, privacy, and cookie policy is for the website: justcustomz.com and is used to safeguard the privacy of our website visitors.

Within this policy are the details of obligations and requirements in regards to user privacy. It will also outline how the website protects, stores and processes user information.

The Website

Just Customz is proactive in ensuring user privacy is protected whilst visiting the website.

Use of Cookies

Upon a user’s first visit, the website will request to use cookies in order to better the user experience. The action of allowing or disallowing the use of cookies is in accordance with current legislation in regards to obtaining explicit consent from users before accessing cookies.

By allowing the website access to cookies, Just Customz can provide a more tailored experience for the user. This is achieved through accessing the history and user preferences saved in the cookies. If users wish to disallow the use of cookies, it is advised that they take precautionary measures to ensure browser settings block cookies from this website and external vendors.

Google Analytics is used through Just Customz to monitor visitors and their behaviour to gain a better understanding of how the website is used. Google Analytics will save cookies on your computer in order to monitor engagement but will not collect personal information, for more information in regards to Google’s privacy policy, please visit their website: http://www.google.com/privacy.html

Sponsored links, referral programs and adverts may use cookies to monitor referral tracking and conversions and will normally expire after 30 days. Personal information will not be collected, stored or saved.

Contact & Communication

Safe and secure contact forms have been provided via Just Customz to ensure a safe channel of communication with visitors, however, any information provided is done so at the user’s discretion and their own risk. Any information provided is kept private and only stored for the necessary amount of time until it either has no use or is no longer required.

Any information provided is used by Just Customz to respond to queries or provide more information about the website’s products and/or services. This process will include subscribing users to email newsletters but only when this has been clearly stated and express permission has been granted. Or, as a consumer, the user has made a purchase or purchase enquiry in regards to a product or service that the above mentioned newsletter relates to. This is not a complete list of your user rights in association with receiving solicited marketing material. Your privacy is important to just Customz and therefore your user details will not be passed along to any thirds parties.

External links

This website aims to provide safe and relevant external links but cannot take responsibility for the contents of said links. Users are asked to act with caution when visiting any external sites mentioned on Just Customz. External links should only be visited at the user’s discretion and risk and Just Customz cannot be held responsible for any damage or implications cause by external links.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

Sponsored links and adverts found on this website are provided by the advertising partners of Just Customz. Our Advertising partners will have detailed privacy policies available through their own websites that directly relate to their adverts.

By choosing to click on any adverts displayed on Just Customz, the user will be transferred to an external website through a referral program which will use cookies to track and monitor user activity. These cookies may in turn be saved on your computer.

Users click on external and sponsored links at their own risk and Just Customz cannot be responsible, or be held liable, for any damage that may occur as a result of clicking on sponsored links and adverts.

Social Media Platforms

Any communication, engagement or action taken through external social media channels are subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the respective platform. Users wishing to interact and engage with Just Customz upon these selected social media platforms are advised to do so with caution as Just Customz cannot be held responsible for disclosed private or personal information. Users that wish to discuss private or personal matters are advised to make contact through more appropriate channels: either via email or telephone.

Just Customz uses social sharing buttons in order to help share content from the web pages directly to the desired social media platform. Using these social media sharing buttons is done so at the user’s discretion and should be aware that the social media platform may track and save your request.

Shortened links in Social Media

Just Customz is at liberty to share relevant web links and content through their social media platforms. These are, by default, in some cases shortened by some social media platforms. Despite best efforts to ensure that all links published are genuine URLs, users are advised to act with caution when clicking on shortened URLs and cannot take responsibility or be liable for any damage caused by visiting shortened URLs.


In allowing users to search the Just Customz database, users agree to only reproduce material as a result of the search for personal and non-commercial purposes. Specifically, users must not use contact details provided by private owners of vehicles except in connection to a genuine enquiry that relates to the specific vehicle in question.

Information displayed on the Just Customz website pages may contain errors and the potentially be updated from time to time, subsequently causing some information to become out of date. Therefore, Just Customz accepts no responsibility for keeping this information up to date.

Information displayed on Just Customz is to be used as information only and does not constitute advice. Users should not rely on any material published on the website in determining and decision or action. Likewise information displayed on this website should not be relied upon to refrain from making any decision or action.

Content submitted and displayed on this website is created by private owners, trade dealers and third parties. Just Customz is excluded for all liability in regards to any illegality that may arise as a result of error, omission or inaccuracy within any material published.

Just Customz is not responsible for, nor does it endorse:

  • Accuracy of information published or any website to which it is linked
  • The content of vehicle advertisements, including however not limited to: photographs, description compliance, ownership or quality
  • The completeness of any search within the Just Customz database as the only vehicles within said search that fit the searched requirements

Just Customz takes no responsibility for third party advertisements advertising vehicles, services and/or goods for sale that may incur a loss as a result of a user purchasing said vehicles, services and/or goods that are being sold by third parties. If a user chooses to make a purchase of a vehicle, service and/or goods that are being sold by third parties then they may do so at their own risk and the contract will be between the consumer and the third party.


Content provided on Just Customz is done so without any guarantee or warranty to the accurateness in which it has been displayed.

Just Customz, partner companies, and third parties connected to this website are excluded, to the extent that the law permits, from:

  • All conditions and warranties which might otherwise be implied by statute

· All liability for direct or indirect loss or damage that has been incurred by a user of Just Customz in connection with Just Customz or the inability to use, connection to the use of or results of Just Customz and any partner company, third party or material posted on it, including:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of business
  • Loss profits
  • Loss of contracts
  • Loss of projected savings
  • Loss of goodwill
  • Loss of office time
  • Any other kind of loss or damage, including but not restricted to negligence and breach of contract despite whether it was foreseeable or not.

Just Customz’ liability is not affected by death or injury that arises from our negligence, nor does it affect our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, nor any other liability that is not excluded by the applicable laws.

Just Customz will perform necessary routine maintenance of the website occasionally and will ensure that disruption is minimalised but cannot guarantee that Just Customz will be continuously available online. As a result of this, Just Customz will be available on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.

Just Customz does not guarantee that the website or externally linked websites or third parties are free from computer viruses or any other malicious computer program and accept no responsibility for any damage that may be caused. Users are advised to ensure appropriate antivirus software is in place for protection.

If you have a question, comment or complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.