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Street Rods For Sale

Are you looking for your next big project? Have you looked through our awesome street rods for sale? We have everything from outrageous to incredible, and everything in between. Don’t wait around, it’s time to find your perfect street rod project.


Street rods for sale

Street Rods, Can You Tell The Difference?

You may not know the difference between the humble street rod and the legendary hot rod. When you look through our street rods for sale, can you spot the difference? For those of you that are hardcore rodders, there’s a big difference.

A hot rod is an old American classic that has been modified to feature a more powerful engine – at least that’s one way of defining them. Street rod cars do come under the hot rod umbrella but they’re a special kind of custom car that pre-date 1949.

When it comes to taking a closer look at street rods, you may notice that they’ve been modernized with luxury parts. It’s not just a simple case of restoring an old car, it’s the upgrade it receives along the way that turns it into a street rod. Their trademarks include high-end interiors and customized paint jobs. What’s put under the hood can be considered marginally different too. Where a hot rod is built primarily for speed, a street rod may not necessarily match that. In fact the humble street rod car is built for show rather than racing and that’s fine too.

As you browse our collection of street rods for sale, you might see that the distinguishable line between hot rod and street rod is somewhat blurred and even the legal definition varies from state to state – with many contradicting each other. Even searching online shows a variety of opinions. I think most people can agree that it’s a modified pre-1949 vehicle that’s legal to drive on the highways and don’t they just look awesome?

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