“Trabantimino” : Liz Cohen

This is “Trabantimino” which is a based on an East German Trabant and now looks like it would feel at home on a Transformers movie. The car is now powered by a Chevy El Camino engine and the body separates to reveal the chassis using a collection of hydraulics.

The car was created by artist Liz Cohen as part of an exploration into DIY culture and a playful mix of identities and has one first place and special recognition awards in the Main Street Showdown Supershow that is held every year in New Mexico.

Liz Cohen was formely a photographer and during the 8 year project she took time to hybridize herself by taking photos, similar to those in found in car magazines, of herself in a bikini. After doing most of the hard work on the car by herself she was able to show herself not only as the bikini clad model but also as the car mechanic behind the project.

Liz Cohen (Source : Salon94)

Liz Cohen (Source : Salon94)

You can see more of Liz’s work by heading over to Salon94.

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