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Rat Rods For Sale

Our collection of custom rat rods for sale is like no other. You’ll find a wide range of projects that are started, half-finished or even completed or you might even find the ideal project car to turn into the rat rod you’ve always dreamed of…

Rat rods for sale

Rat Rods, Cars With Attitude!

There has been a definite increase in the number of rat rods for sale over the past few decades. It seems that a whole culture has sprung up around these retro styled cars. And this is where car enthusiasts can flex the boundaries of unique style.

There’s quite a debate about the difference between rat rod cars and hot rod cars and differentiating the two. If you browse our rat rod projects for sale, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common – the attitude. Generally, the rat rod car is described as being a more ‘bad-ass’ version of the hot rod and to some extent that’s true, but a more definitive way of looking at it is an exaggerated imitation of cars from the 1940s, -50s and -60s. It’s a sub category of the hot rod, if you will.

Rat rod cars will encompass the best aspects of the hot rod and add some attitude, be a bit more outrageous and usually a little more unique. We don’t actually have any rat rod projects for sale that are the same. They’re all 100% unique in every way, and this is where the imagination of the car world really has gone wild.

Whether they’re being raced, driven or simply showed off, rat rod cars are built to be seen. Keeping it in the garage is a rookie mistake. But the art of building a rat rod is a trial-and-error process which involves an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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