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Custom Cars For Sale

The custom car world is filled with variety and talent. Our website specializes in the selling a whole range of custom cars, giving a unique platform to showcase and celebrate what’s out there. See below for the main categories of custom cars available here at Just Customz.

Lowrider car


Lowriders are known for their individual culture and personalities. Developed from the Chicane culture, these custom cars have a different approach to life. Instead of the fast and furious, these guys pride themselves on the low and slow and really know how to enjoy themselves. Check out the lowriders for sale section.

Hot rods for sale

Hot Rods

Hot rods have become a large sub-culture for car enthusiasts that encompasses both street rods and rat rods. But hot rods are designed to go fast; they’re not just for show. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes and all have one thing in common, they’re powerful and well maintained custom machines. Check out the hot rods for sale section.

Street rods for sale

Street Rods

Those that build the street rods, take the vintage car a little further. Restoration is only part of the project, the under the hood modifications are the second. Depending on how you define the vintage car, the street rod can look very similar – generally pre-1949 models – but packs more of the power that belongs to the hotrods. Check out the street rods for sale section.

Rat rods for sale

Rat Rods

Rat rods are another branch of the hot rod family, but they come with attitude. Generally described as ‘bad-ass’ these cars burn rubber and have a mean-looking attitude about them that outshines they’re comparatively tame brother, the hot rod. Check out the rat rods for sale section.

Muscle cars for sale

Muscle Cars

Another well-loved car culture is that of the muscle car. Widely popular for a number of reasons, this culture evolves somewhat around the Mustangs and Chargers. With big engines that make a lot of noise, they’re the ultimate boys’ toy. Check out the muscle cars for sale section.

Modified cars for sale

Modified Cars

Although modified cars look standard on the outside, you can be assured that what’s under the hood isn’t necessarily the stock engine. These types of cars are for the tinkerers and the fiddlers, the car lovers that like to tweak and improve what’s there: taking a modern car and improving its performance. Checkout the modified cars for sale section.

vintage cars for sale

Vintage Cars

The vintage cars are from the other end of the spectrum. They’re the ultimate restoration projects taking some long forgotten old car and restoring it to its former glory, whether you want to take it on car cruises or display it at shows, these are a true testament against time. Checkout the vintage cars for sale section.

Custom trucks for sale

Custom Trucks

Stepping away from the whole car scene has developed another kind of vehicle lover. The custom mini truck builder prides himself on the power and capability of his truck and its ability to stand out from the crowd. Checkout the custom trucks for sale section.

Custom vans for sale

Custom Vans

Should the mini truck not be enough, then perhaps the custom van is more your thing. With more room to be creative, artistic and imaginative, these custom vans are becoming vastly popular in a number of circles and are making their own way into the custom vehicle world. Check out the custom vans for sale section.

With all that to choose from it’s going to be impossible not to find your next custom car project or dream ride.

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