Car of the Week: Custom H1 Hummer

We’re going to start a new feature on JC where we pick our favorite custom of the week and share with world. To get the ball rolling, this week’s car of the week is the Custom H1 Hummer as advertised by ataleb.

This automatic 4×4 is impressive to say the least. Made in 2000, this hummer has 80,000 miles on the clock and features a 6.0 turbo diesel engine.

Built with a custom army camo exterior and custom suspension, it’s the ultimate boy’s toy.

But that’s not all that’s been custom made. Featuring custom tires and interior, this hummer is just insane.

Take a peek inside at the inbuilt monitor that’s hooked up to a bunch of cameras.

Pretty much everything about this build screams badass. Can you imagine driving down the highway in this thing? You will be turning heads for sure.

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