A Guide to Waxing and Claying Your Paint [Infographic]

Car of the Week is being replaced this week by this feature infographic from PYFC.

For some car enthusiasts, merely washing the outside is never enough; to keep that “fresh off the factory floor” shine, nothing beats a through waxing. A protective coat of wax helps keep paint from fading, and also provides an extra measure of armor against insects, the elements and more.

But before applying that coat of wax, consider the benefits of a thorough pre-wax prep process – and it all starts with claying and compounding your car’s paint.

Claying is a process that removes exterior substances and other contaminants from your car’s paint. This helps the wax “take hold” better, and also helps the wax last longer before wearing off. For a more in-depth pre-wax prep, compounding might help. This process goes beneath the exterior of your car’s paint to eliminate sub-surface contaminants and other defects.

Both claying and compounding are recommended to ensure the best possible wax application. Now, let’s look at the best way to apply your wax!

Wax On, Wax Off – How to Properly Wax your Car

A quality wax job is all about the details. Pay attention to these points, and you’ll enjoy a better-looking, longer-lasting exterior surface.

  • Put a tiny drop of wax on your car – let’s start on the hood.
  • Choose an application pattern (side to side, circles, figure 8s, etc.) and stick with it.
  • Gently apply the wax to your car’s hood, using your preferred application method.
  • Keep working the wax into the hood until the polish appears clear.
  • Move on to other parts of your car.
  • Apply another coat (if required)

Which wax products should you use? We’re impartial to waxes, clays and compounds from Adam’s car care products. These affordable, high-quality products are great for everyone!

What about paste wax and paint sealant? If you’re a car collector and don’t spend much time driving outside, a paste wax is preferable. It provides a superior finish, but lasts only a few weeks. For most drivers, paint sealant is the better choice. Designed to protect against the weather, its finish lasts much longer than paste wax.

A Guide to Waxing and Claying Your Paint

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