How to Detail Your Interior [Infographic]

Car of the Week is being replaced this week by this feature infographic from PYFC.

The term “car detailing” usually refers to the vehicle’s interior. And for good reason – the inside is the toughest place to keep constantly clean. From kids to pets to everyday driving, your auto’s interior takes a beating – but a sensible detailing plan will help your car look great.

Not everybody regularly cleans their car’s interior. At, we think the interior detail is all about the details; take care of the little things, and your car will not only be a more enjoyable place to be, but you’ll also enjoy a greater resell value, if or when the time ever comes to part ways with your ride….

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Car of the Week: 1994 Big Body Brougham

Custom cars take a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This week, we’ve chosen a more unlikely candidate to take front and centre stage as our car of the week: the 1994 Big Body Brougham.

As a newer car – less than 30 years old – many won’t consider this a true custom car, but don’t let looks deceive you.

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What is a Street Rod? Where Did it Come From?

Hot rods have been a part of the custom car world for a very long time. The street rod, however, is relatively new to the scene and there have been endless debates on where the street rod fits in and differs from hot rods and rat rods. Today, we’re going to tackle the origins of the street rod.

Jim Rowlett – an NSRA Spokesman – defined the street rod as a vehicle that was manufactured pre-1949.

As you can imagine, each state has their own definition of a street rod – for legality reasons of course – and most of those definitions refer to the age of the vehicle….

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Rat Rod: The Origins and History

For custom car enthusiasts everywhere, the evolution of the hot rod into the rat rod is essentially common knowledge, but it’s easy to forget the true origin story of this kind of car and the culture that’s broken away from the more generic hot rod. See our origins and history of the hot rod post for more detail on hot rods.

Rat Rod Style

Rat rods (see our rat rods for sale section for examples of rat rods) are generally styled more like the cars of the 40s, 50s and the early 60s but they’re not re-creation or restoration cars[1]. Rat rods are more customized, used mainly for show rather than racing and tend to have that edge to them that sets them apart from the more traditional hot rods. The best way to identify if you’ve got a rat rod is determined by the way it seems to have been thrown together. The ramshackle look is what defines the rat rod, and although the car looks like it might not work, I can assure you it does….

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Hot Rod Cars: The History, Origins & Culture

Hot rods are a large part of the custom car scene (also see rat rods) and over the years they’ve increased in popularity to encompass the attitude, originality and creativity of custom car builders all over the world. As much as we may take them for granted, it’s easy to forget that there’s a hot rod culture and an origin story there somewhere.

Let’s face it, hot rods are about American as you can get. Sure, they’re a global obsession, but despite modifications, it will always belong to the American people. And I don’t say that just because of their style but how they encompass the innovative self-expression, rebellious attitude and proud freedom that represents the American spirit….

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Lowriders: The History, Origins & Culture Of Lowrider Cars

A lowrider is a car that’s been modified to sit low on its axle where the ground clearance is less than the original design. This is how Wikipedia[1] defines the lowrider, and in a very broad sense of the term, this is what lowriders are generally recognized as today. But there’s more to lowrider cars than being close to the ground. There’s a culture and a global phenomenon that has evolved around them. You can view a selection of lowriders in our Lowriders For Sale lowriders for sale section.

The origins of lowrider cars

The origins of the lowrider is something that’s a little more murky, and although numerous cultures and eras will claim the lowriders’ heritage, they all contribute in their own way to the culture that we know today….

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Harry Gant (Nascar Driver) Biography

Harry Gant developed his driving skills in the 1950s through street racing on the country roads of Alexander County, North Carolina. He began his career driving a 1957 Chevrolet – that he’d built with his friends – on a dirt track in Hickory. Once a full-time driver, Gant used his skills to win the Hobby Class championship and then went on to win over 300 races, including the NASCAR Sportsman Series championship in 1972, 1973 and 1974….

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