bagged Chevy VAN G20 BEAUVILLE


This is a one of a kind CHEVY VAN

This VAN stands on 20 and 22 inch wheels from EPIC with 245/40/20 and 295/30/22 tires
It has a special custom fits airride carrossorie with very fast valves and front back side to side system
two 480C compressors from Viair
10 valves 15 mm and 16 mm hoses, only on the front i have 4 hoses 16 mm and 6 valves 
10 gallon tank with 8 outlets
dakota digital instruments that will rise when you starts the vehicle
Remote control
the car rises within 0,10 sec very very fast its coming of the ground

The paint is special paint with shadow in it and the color is pearl bleu and pearl orange

tinted windows all around

the motor is a 350 injection with the biggest cam for maximum tork
TH700-4 transmission

the interieur is now all standard but will change in a while

there are a lot of speakers in the car
3 amps from precision power
2*1200 gti from JBL
pionier radio
and a few rockford speakers
totaly 16 speakers in the car

I want the car a littel closer to the ground in a few mouths asspecialy in the back it will lowered another 5 cm (2 inch)

I have a special shop that fabricates airride underneeth every car
I make it custom for the car, when its not avaleble i make it by myself 

so if you dicide to have a airridesystem and a fast one under youre car pleace check my site
there are other cars that i have made with airride


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Make :  Chevrolet Model :  Van Year :  1988

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