Tims Toy


1987 Toyota

Purchased as a work truck in 1994

3rd. go round of modifications since 1999.

Will try and get it out and show it a little more in 2010.


LC Engineering 22R Low-Compression, Camden Supercharger, 38DGAS Weber carb, Summit Ignition w/boost retard, Pacesetter Header, 3" stainless steel exhaust. (yes, the exhaust is too big, huge torque loss - will be installing Car Chemistry 3 disk diffuser soon, should straighten this mess out.) 


Toy 5-speed


4-link in rear, bags on all corners, 2 - Air-Zenith OB2 compressors, 2- 5-gallon air tanks, play station controller for slo-mo dance. (1/4" lines and valves)

Braking System

Discs in front, drums in back. Will install discs from a ford explorer on back (future), it is the same bolt pattern.


Tweed and a Big F*$#^%$ stereo. No, won't win an SPL contest, but it will make you go deaf if you turn it up while riding. It is built in, I specifically joined the bed and cab together, moving the back wall of the cab 14" to fit it in.

In-Car Entertainment

P.O.S. Pioneer head unit - Amps are Hi-Fonics and Crossfire, Speakers are Image Dynamics and Polk, Kinetics Bat-Cap, 180 amp Ohio Generator Alternator, Red-Top Optima. (Hint, deep cycle batteries can't stand hi-output alternators which is why the yellow tops fry out so fast and your electronics go haywire - feedback shuts your alternator down.)


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21st Jan, 2010


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Make :  Toyota Model :  Hi-Lux 2wd Year :  1987

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