C54U2NV (C5 for you to envy)


This is my 1997 customized Corvette. and is also my daily driver I've owned this car for 5 years now and everything you see done to it I did :D It has a custom airbrushed flame job. Rear spoiler , Borla racing system with XR-1 tecnolgy, Dual ram air intake, Has been LS1 edited by the "VETTE DR.S" of Long Island New York. Where they increased the fuel mixture and changed the shifting points. I added the Zo6 grills brakes and chrome rims. I have the interior two toned with black and silver leather. And I only just begun. Lots more to come.


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07th Aug, 2009


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Make :  Chevrolet Model :  Corvette Year :  1997

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