1950 Mercury (in progress)


We purchased the 1950 Customized Merc in Scottsdale, AZ in 2004. It had been chopped, frenched, nosed, decked, etc...There are over 100 louvers on the hood and it had a 350 motor in it. There was no interior except thrown in newer Cadillac seats. The dash was made of wood (and not pretty wood). We got it a new radiator and drove it to a few shows the summer of 2004.
Winter of 2005 we got down to business. I chopped the front clip off, added a Fat Man's Mustang II front clip complete with 2 inch drop spindles and disc brakes. We bought a 65 Thunderbird for it's seats but ended up taking it's motor and tranny. The motor is a 390 FE block and an FMX transmission. We rebuilt both and they are sitting in the Merc now. We bought a early Ford Galaxie tri-power set up and added that. New wiring, rebuilt driveline, a custom built to order new radiator (from AFCO racing-Great Guys). We also got rid of the wood dash and added a stock one. An Ididit steering column with a mid-60 Ford Truck wheel. We're about to start it up again and see how it goes. (more pics on cardomain.com)


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