Rare Stepside S10


This is a Rare S10 Stepside , the boxs were part of a conversion done by a company called Rockwood conversions in 1988 and produced only a total of 150 units until they went into bankrupcy I had seen one box for sale on Craigslist in Illinois for $1200 so decided against it, a few weeks later I see a ad for one on Craigslist again in Illinois for $75 I thought it was a typo mistake maybe meaning $750 I called the guy up and he says no its $75 so I asked for him to send me some pictures of it I offered him $50 for it and was asked when I could come pick it up I told in when Id be there and drove from Madison Wi to Paxton Ill about a 3 hour drive one way  it is on a 1993 S10 and future plans this spring are to take a 383 on my starting stand and drop it into the 93 has a Weiand tunnel ram with 2 600 Holleys on top with a hilborn scoop ceramic coated shorty headers and all stainless steel braided hoses and A&N fittings a turbo 350 with stage two shift kit and a 2400 stall converter with a fully stainless steel exhaust system on it should scream would have had it done last summer but I had suffered a severe heart attack requiring a 5 vessel bypass yeah Im an old guy I turn 60 this May so will keep you informed on the progress of this project 


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03rd Jan, 2010


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Make :  Chevrolet Model :  S10 Year :  1993

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