1965 Buick Wildcat


Wasn't sure which category to put this in. It's lowered but no enough to really be a lowrider. It's got lake pipes and chrome bullets which would signify custom but everything else is all original. We found this Wildcat at an auction at a great price. I told my wife it would be my commuter car to save mileage on our truck. It's 401 Nailhead runs just like it came out of the factory. It has an period JC Penny aftermarket airconditioner. We gave it a paint job and re-chromed everything (which by the way was more expensive than the paint job considering the size of the bumpers!). Good thing my wife's as big of a gearhead as I am. After the paint job and rechroming she decided it was in too good of condition to be driving it daily and needed to be in shows instead. PS. I'm gonna put the original carb and air cleaner back on it and repaint the engine when I get a chance .


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02nd Jul, 2009


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Make :  Buick Model :  Wildcat Year :  1965

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