1966 Plymouth Valiant V-100 they only made 4,500 of these cars in that year. The car has a slant six, the engine that is in the car now isn't The original nor is the transmission. The car originally had a 1966, 170 slant six; it also was originally a 3-speed on the column (I still have both and would go with her so it could be considered a numbers matching car). Now the car has a 1976, 225 "super" six (slant six), painted red with a powder coated (silver) intake with a fairly new card. (I am unsure of the true mileage on the motor.) It has ceramic coated dual 3 into 1 headers made by Clifford Performance. (Clifford manufactures a ton of stuff for this motor.) The transmission is a 1974 A904 automatic transmission is fresh with less than 1,000 miles on it. The drums have all been re-drilled for a Chevy bolt pattern along with a brand new wheel and tire for the spare. The front end was totally rebuilt by a place in Lindale Texas using all new polyurethane parts from Energy Suspension. Nothing has been done to the rear end beside the addition of air shocks in the rear. The front end is a torsion bar front end that is how it was lowered it. The rear is lowered with blocks. The fuel tank was steam cleaned and a new sending unit was installed. The transmission oil cooler is brand new; it is a super cooler by B&M. The heat/ac system is vintage air the radiator is a general aftermarket aluminum radiator. (Was going to do a motor swap to a 318) the gauges in the dash are made by Dolphin Gauges and the odometer is a clear representation of how long everything has been done. New 18 circuit fuse panel and wiring harness system from EZ Wiring. So all wiring is new head to toe front to back. The stereo is wired to an amp under the driver side front seat which already has speaker leads ran to the back wear a set of subs or what have you can go. The interior is done in tweed and was done by a local company in Tulsa. The exterior, the paint is bordello red with tuxedo black was done in 2003 the pin-stripping was done by the Wizard. Mild tint on windows the wheels are Billet Specialties, The tires are Cooper Cobra the mileage is the same as the odometer, so they are fairly new too. Asking 11k or consider all trades Contact E. James @ Motor-Psycho Rod and Kustom 405-808-2048 E-mail [email protected] SEE MORE @ http://timebandits.photosite.com/


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Make :  Plymouth Model :  Valiant Year :  1966

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