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This is a 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix. This is my grandmother's car with 48,000 original miles. 3.8L V6 with automatic transmission. The V6 was the most reliable engine that Pontiac put into the grand prix in 1981. Body was designed by fisher. This had a better looking design than the Buick Regal of the same time. On the subject of the interior of this car, it is the most comfortable driving vehicle I own. My other car is a Lexus, but the bench seats in the Pontiac are more comfortable and clean in design. These cars have become more rare in recent years. And with GM no longer making the Pontiac brand they will only become more desireable.

This car was parked under a car cover for its entire life. I love this car. The condition of the vehicle is amazing. My grandmother bought it new from Roger Harmon Pontiac in San Bernardino, California. It was only driven a little each year as you can see by the condition and miles. I started driving the car about one year ago and did some minor maintenance. It has new shocks, tires, oil, belts, and battery. This Pontiac has been kept all original. Look at the photos! Even the original radio and clock work. It was repainted once in the 90's, but it was painted the same color blue. There is no rust on this car. Southern California rust free vehicle! It starts perfectly, just turn the key and its on. Starts faster than my Lexus! It runs and drives very well. You can drive it home. If you have any questions or want additional photos, please ask. Also if you happen to live close to Redlands, California, just ask me and I will show you the car in person.
The grand prix is currently registered and smog checked last year with no problems. I drive it regularly to work and downtown, so it can be used as a daily driver easily. I have driven it as far as a local airport, about 25 miles away from my town. It had no problems on the freeway driving at high speed or afterwards. You can drive this car home! This is just a fantastic car!
As for the bad things, there are not many. The Air conditioning works but there is a vacuum leak that prevents the cold air from blowing on your face. The air conditioned air blows on the windshield and floor. My grandmother bumped the garage once and left the back bumper bent in a little. You can see it clearly in the pictures. There are a few chips in the paint. A dent in the drivers side rear quarter panel. One split in the vinyl of the driver’s seat. The carpet has come up a little in the passenger rear section. Finally, the trunk does not stay open by itself. I have not been able to resolve this problem, but I am sure it is a simple fix. This is all I can see wrong. As far as mechanical problems, there are none I know of. The car sat for about four years inbetween my grandmother's licence expiring and me driving it. I already debugged the few problems that occurred as I started driving the vehicle. So it has a rebuilt carburetor and choke that is set to 500rpm. That was all I had to do with the engine. The transmission has no problems that i know of. It runs perfectly for months now, as I stated before.



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Make :  Pontiac Model :  Grand Prix Base Year :  1981

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