Daz's 64 Fire Bus


This is my VW Split Screen Fire Bus, which came from Germany on the registration OE 272, it was declared manufactured in August 1964. and came into my possession complete with a working blue light & siren, a Magirus water pump, the equipment & hose racking, an eberspacher petrol heater and was still sitting on it's mud & snow tyres. The 6 volt 1500 single port air cooled engine had only covered 16000 km and apart from a few battle scars was in a generally very good condition considering it's age and that it is wearing it's original paint.

Unfortunately I have no history or documentation on the vehicle as what I did have was naively handed to the DVLA when registering the bus in the UK. The wording and insignia are of the Lennestadt Feuerwehr a voluntary fire department in Lennestadt, Germany, of which I have made contact with in seeking any information of history they could give me on the bus.

Now further reading is not for the purist amongst you and although I intend to keep the general look of the fire bus I have made a number of modifications.

Engine is largely stock but has now been upgraded to a 12 volt alternator conversion, it has been treated to pertoronix electronic ignition, some Taylor leads, SCAT rocker covers and just to make sure it doesn't get too hot a Berg oil temperature dipstick is in place.

Exterior wise the large grey mirrors have been replaced with the smaller silver peep mirrors more aesthetics than anything, yes I am vain. A EMPI westafalia style 3 bow roof rack now adorns the rear.

Interior has had the racking and water pump removed all the sides have been boarded out with ply and covered in beige vinyl. A custom interior from bus furniture has been installed and painted cream, to make those shows a little more comfortable and this is still in progress.

Up front in the cab a new set of cream seat covers have been fitted, as well as a SCAT shifter and handbrake extension which is a very useful accessory if you are like me and frequently forget to take the handbrake off.

Wheels have been changed from the original steel 14" rims with mud & snow tyres to alloy 15" 5 spoke EMPI replica's on 185/65 tyres. This has made a huge difference to both the road handling and noise already.


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