62 Ragtop Euro'd and Turbo'd


This car was a 2 year long summer project. Inspired by if a VW beetle would have been in The Fast and The Furious, it would have been this one. After all the welding and body work was done it was time to get it painted  It has a  4" Narrowed Beam, with CB Performance dropped spindles, Custom Speed Parts cross drilled rotors, and vw version of brembo calipers.  Inside is a 4 Point Roll Cage that is gonna save my life hopefully, bolting to this is the Weapon R 4 Point Harness for street driving, and Simpson 4 Point Racing harness for the track, Along with these are my roll cage Bride Seats.  The engine is a 1641 with 87mm pistons with a TE04H Turbo, with 7psi, also installed a MSD distributor with a 6AL box to get it running nice, the carb is a 40 Dellorto DHLA, also added a Kennedy Stage 2 Pressure Plate, and CB performance clutch. its giving me trouble dialing it in but give me some time.


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07th Aug, 2009


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Make :  Volkswagen Model :  Beetle Year :  1962

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