Ian's 1965 Canterbury Pitt


This is Ian's 1965 Canterbury pitt which he uses all the time and does about 4.5k miles a year camping.

He has owned the van for 5 years. When the van left the factory it was blue white over sea blue. He purchased the van in 1999 and by then it was hand painted bright white over light blue along with large areas of red lead to hold back the rust. He ran the van for a year in that condition until the family refused to go it because of the holes in the floor! It took just over a year to take it apart sort it out and get it back on the road. During the rebuild he took the opportunity to make the van more practical for high mileage use. The other car in some of the pictures is his brother-in-laws 1956 Hillman Minx. They often travel around as a pair and it does make a great picture when parked up or camping.


  • New paint- Peril white over velvet green
  • IRS conversion
  • lowered the van a couple of inches so it sits better
  • American spec bumpers
  • inertia seats belts front and rear
  • New gear box with different 3rd and 4th gear ratios (my 3rd is like a conventional 3 and a half, 4th is more like a 5th gear) Green tinted glass
  • custom upholstery by spirit of the 50's
  • 1600 engine (I'm not after speed just durability)


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Ian Blake

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07th Aug, 2009


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Make :  Volkswagen Model :  Camper Year :  1965

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