Steve's 1966 VW Kombi


This is my 1966 VW Kombi that I bought in the USA while working a winter season in Breckenridge, Colorado. When the winter came to a close in April last year it was time to pack 6 months worth of belongings including 2 snowboard bags, a new rear bumper and myself and my girlfriend into the Van and head off to LA where we had arranged shipping home to the UK.
We covered about 2000 miles over 4 weeks, stopping off at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, driving through snow and 10000ft high mountain passes into the desert and 100F temperatures, before spending a couple of weeks by the ocean in California.

Finally got the bus registered and MOT'd in September 2004 and now looking forward to visiting the shows and some surfing trips during the summer. The engine is a standard 1600 dual port, freeway flyer transmission, otherwise it is pretty standard. Plans for the future include lowering and alloy wheels and finishing the custom interior.
Steve & Sarah


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