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High performance automobiles have always been embedded in the American auto culture. Nothing beats the speed, performance, sound, and feel of an American muscle car. Search through our cars for sale to see if something suites your need for speed. If you decide on something you like don't drive off with out insurance. Many of these cars will need Classic car insurance coverage.

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*Please note that JustCustomz accepts no responsibility for the validity of these adverts. There are several well documented scams that take place when buying and selling a car over the interenet as a brief summary is shown below;

  • Buying Scam

    Scammer offers to buy your car, overpaying you for other services, such as transport or shipping, then asking you to pay back the difference.
    You can lose thousands of dollars with counterfeit cashiers checks or money orders.
  • Selling Scam

    An advert selling a street rod, hot rod, mini-truck etc is placed on website for nice car priced low. Usually no telephone number. Scammer claims must sell car. Car is with a shipping company and send them 50% deposit for delivery.
    The SCAM is the shipping company is only a phony website, usually in Nigeria, Africa.
  • Personal Information

    Do not provide copies of your drivers license, social security number, bank accounts and etc. The information that you give will probably be used in some sort of identity theft such as creating bank accounts in your name.

Obviously this is only a short list of the most popular scams, please be careful!