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Chip Foose and a team of customizers perform a complete automotive makeover, transforming a driveway junker into a work of art in double-time. This book documents a dozens cars that have been overhauled by Foose and the gang. It presents the behind-the-scenes for each car's renovation. Each build is chronicled through design sketches, photos of the work in progress, and beauty shots of the finished creations.

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This book is based on the television series Overhaulin which is presented by Chip Foose. Chip takes an active role in the rebuild and design or each project and his passion for cars is clear in the high-quality results. Overhaulin is always about the people that own the car and the story they have to tell and this book tries to combine both the story of the owner and the build of the project itself.

A typical example is when they visited WyoTech and stitched up Dale Eslinger by telling him that the auto shop had to be fumigated whilst stealing a recently donated 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. They left Dale sweating with the police the team set about converting the 4 door car into a 2 door speedster. You can see the results after a week with Chip and his A-team in the photos below;

The big block chevy engine
The big block chevy engine
The finished 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air
The finished 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

If you are a fan of the Overhaulin series then you will like this book as it covers many of the cars from the first 3 series.

A short excerpt from series 4 of Overhaulin

About The Author

Dain Gingerelli is a long-time automotive and motorcycle writer and photographer. Since the early 1970s Dain's byline has graced numerous magazine mastheads including Street Rodder, American Rodder, Hot Bike, and IronWorks. His writing and photography have been featured in hundreds of magazine articles as well as books

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