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What began more than fifty years ago with Andy Brizio has become, over two generations, the shop that has defined modern hot rodding: Roy Brizio Street Rods. With winners at the prestigious Oakland Roadster Show, and customers like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young, Roy Brizio Street Rods is a name to be reckoned with. But more than anything, Brizio is known for building street rods that are meant to be driven - hard and fast, day after day after day. In this first history of Roy Brizio Street Rods, author and photographer Bo Bertilsson examines the family legacy and profiles dozens of the standout cars that have rolled out of the South San Francisco shop and taken the Brizio name to the top of the hot rod heap. Here are the Brizio-built and restored coupes and roadsters of the stars, as well as Roy's and Andy's own acclaimed 32 Ford roadsters, among many others. Bertilsson focuses on ground-up Brizio builds and explores some of the Brizio's remarkable restorations, illustrating every car with fabulous color photography.

Just Customz Review

Roy Brizio has been working with customising cars for the majority of his life with his cars featuring in many magazines. In this book it shows how from an early age his father introduced him to hot-rods with a picture of him at 15 months sat on the bonnet of his '32 coupe. His father worked for Western Tires and was the starter for Moon Bay drag strip in San Fransisco.

The books is broken into 7 sections which are;

  • The early Years
  • The Shop
  • Model A's and T's
  • '32 Fords
  • '33 & '34 Fords
  • '35 to '40 Fords
  • '50s to '60s

The shop section features lots of large high-quality pictures of both finished hot-rods, parts waiting for cars and hot-rods in progress. Each picture shows why Roy Brizio has become such a big name in the world of street-rodding and car customising.

Roy is probably best know for his '32 and '34 Fords. In 2001 he was asked to restore the well-known hot-rod ala-kart, which was originally built by George Barris, to do this he stripped it back to bare metal and applied new lead where required.

There are also some stunning pictures of Cliff Hanson's 31 Roadster Pickup which Roy Brizio built using a reproduction body from Brookville Roadsters.The specifications of this car are truly amazing and the finish is jaw-drooping - a very beautiful car indeed.

The next chapters travel through time showing how Roy Brizio has worked with cars of many different eras with pictures of some magnficant cars.

This book will appeal to both fans of Roy Brizio and those just looking for some inspiration.

1931 Roadster Chassis
1931 Roadster Chassis
1933 3 window coupe
1933 3 Window Coupe
Eric Clapton's 1940 Ford
Eric Clapton's 1940 Ford
Roy Brizio's Garage
Roy Brizio's Garage

About The Author

Bo Bertilsson was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and his interest in hot rods and customs started early. In 1969 he took his first trip to California to see the Grand National Roadster Show in Oakland. On this same visit, Bertilsson visited with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth . Roth wanted Bertilsson to photograph choppers for his Choppers Magazine, and it was the beginning of Bertilsson´┐Żs career as an automotive magazine photo-journalist. He is now based in California and works for European publishing houses.

You can see more about him and his pictures here.

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