Old School Customs: Top Traditional Custom Car Builders

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In the late 1930s, as roadster - and coupe-driving hot rodders started families, they suddenly needed reliable cars that could transport more than two people. Thus, custom cars were born passenger automobiles turned into one-of-a-kind art pieces reflecting the aesthetic sensibilities of their owners and builders.

Today, the mild-to-wild styles and techniques that grew out of the custom car movement might seem like they've been around forever. Fortunately, a number of top-notch builders are keeping these classic elements alive. This book profiles the work of some of the men who keep making custom car history, and features dozens of chopped, sectioned, shaved, decked, flamed, frenched, nosed, lowered, scalloped, striped, and slammed Caddies, Mercs, Buicks, shoebox Fords, Chevys, and Oldsmobiles that exemplify traditional custom car design. Author Alan Mayes includes profiles of top builders from across the country—John D'Agostino, Bill Hines, Richard Zocchi, Darryl Starbird, Bo Huff, and Rick Murray, among others each illustrated with color photography profiling the builder's work. In addition, Mayes features archival images detailing earlier work of these history-making custom builders of today.

Just Customz Review

Old Shcool Customz is a big book that follows the history of car customisation from pioneers through to the modern day trail-blazers that we see in the magazines today. The book is boken down into three sections which are The Poineers, The Lifers and the Pacesetters.

If you are a 'pictures person' when it comes to books then this book may not be for you. Don't get me wrong there are hundreds of fantastic pictures in it but it is mainly biography of customising. It outlines how the scene evolved from the early days through to today in 3 very readable sections.

The Pioneer section covers some of the customisers that shaped the scene from its conception in the early days. The book covers Gene Winefield, Bill Hines and Darryl Starbird giving an insight into their roots and history.

The Lifer section covers what you could call the second generation of customisers. These men drew on the work performed by the pioneers and live and breath custom cars and hot rods. For them car customisation is a way of life and have chosen customising as a career and will do pretty much anything to keep it that way.

In the third section Alan refers to the Pacesetters, these are todays trail-blazers taking the custom tricks from the past and giving them some modern influences to keep them contemporary.

Chopped 1952 Buick
Dave Pareso - Chopped 1952 Buick
1953 Chevy Interior
Gary 'Chop It' Fioto - 1953 Chevy Interior
Bo Huff's Museum
Bo Huff's Museum
Early 1960s Chevy
Gary Brown - Heavily Modified 1960's Chevy

About The Author

Alan Meyes is the managing director of 'Old School Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe, as well as author of Old School Hot Rods and Old School Choppers.

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