How to Paint Flames

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Custom paint jobs are more popular than ever, and no form of custom painting is "hotter" than the flame job. This book will explain how to design the best-looking flames for a particular vehicle, how to transfer that design to the vehicle, and how to apply the paint. The process of painting the flames will be broken into major segments so that the reader can go as far as they feel their skills and confidence will allow.

  • No other books focus exclusively on the art of painting flames
  • Color photography and photo-heavy approach boost the visual appeal of the book
  • Part of the fast-growing Motorbooks Workshop series.

Just Customz Review

Whatever style of flames you are looking to paint on your customised vehicle this book will cover it. It includes painting of tribal flames, realistic flames, ghost flames and pinstripe flames in 16 extremely detailed chapters. The book starts with the basics such as design and inspirations through to the tooling that is required then 8 chapters showing the different flame styles and finally a chapter showing how to make those final finishing touches.

The Author, Bruce Caldwell, has been interested in the flame paint job since he was a young child and has pictures dating back to when he was 6 or 7 years old. Over the years he has painted many vehicles and this book aims to distill what he has learned to give the reader the right ingredients to feel confident in painting flames for the first time. The key things that he has learned are as follows;

  • Design: The flames must be well designed.
  • Flow: The resulting flames must be smooth and organic and have a natural movement.
  • Color: The flames must be painted in a color scheme that works well with the vehicle that it is being painted onto especially if the flames are to be pinstriped.
  • Tape: Masking off a good set of flames can take many attempts and the design shouldn't be sacrificed for a few rolls of masking tape.
  • Mistakes: Mistakes happen and this is usually what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Professionals will know how to fix them but hopefully this book will help.
  • Clarity: A good clear top coat is the key to a fantastic paint job.
  • Buffing: This is an art unto itself and is the point that the whole paint job comes alive.
  • Striping: The majority of flame jobs are pin-striped as the final stage of the design that makes them appear to leap off the background paint.

This is a great resource for any budding artist or amateur looking to paint their first custom paint-job.

About The Author

Bruce Caldwell has been an automotive journalist and photographer since 1975 when he became and associate editor of Car Craft. He was feature editor at Hot Rod and editor of Chevy High Performance, Mustangs and Ford, Muscle Car review and Street Rod Quarterly. His work appears regularly in major truck, street rod, and performance car magazines. He has authored several automotive how-to-books. He lives with his wife in Woodinville, Washington.

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